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The Chronicles of Henry

You Just Don't Know How Fucked Up You Are

By Henrys, For Henrys
11 December 1989
20s, 50s, 60s, 70s, agnostism, aladdin, albert einstein, altoids, andrew lloyd webber, art, astromony, ballads, bettie page, bill engvall, bob dylan, bram stoker's dracula, brian setzer orchestra, buddy holly, camcorders, candles, chai tea, charcoal, chicken parmigiana, christopher walkin, chuck berry, coldplay, conspiracy, constellations, constructive criticism, controversy, creative writing, cynicism, dancing, daria, david firth, dolores claiborne, doodling, drawing, editing, edvard munch, egyptology, elvis presley, eric idle, erotica, evita, ewan mcgregor, fantasies, felines, fencing, ferris bueller's day off, film editing, filming, fire, flute, foamy the squirrel, franz ferdinand, freddie mercury, freudian slips, george harrison, grease, halo: combat evolved, harry potter, history, homestar runner, html coding, hugs, ihy, individualism, insomnia, janis joplin, jason mraz, john cleese, john lennon, johnny depp, journalism, kisses, learning, love, macguyver, masturbation, megadeth, michael moore, monty python, mythology, nirvana, north hills school district, novels, oil pastel, opinions, optimism, orgasms, ornery boy, oxygen, painting, paul mccartney, penis, phantom of the opera, pittsburgh, pittsburgh filmmakers, poetry, princess mononoke, prose, psychology, queen, ranting, reading, rent, ringo starr, rocky horror picture show, scissor sisters, sex stories, shakespeare, short stories, shriveled testicles, sketching, soil, soundgarden, south park, spirited away, star wars, stephen king, steve miller band, tarot, the beatles, the dark crystal, the killers, the monkees, the psyche, the sims, the stray cats, the universe, theology, they might be giants, tim burton, trans-siberian orchestra, u2, water, weird al, wet dreams, writing, xbox