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So long, farewell... Happy shit. [05 May 2007|10:24pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Hello yinz guys! :D

I have a new blog. Ch-ch-check it.



I'm going to keep this account around, but don't expect any thing new.


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My Pap Pap is the Coolest [09 Apr 2007|10:59pm]
[ mood | numb ]

In the past few days it's seemed that I've been all over Pennsylvania. I went to Harrisburg to see my dad's side of the family and I came back here only to find out my mother and stepfather, Paul, had driven out to Pittsburgh.

My Pap Pap had only until Tuesday but he passed away today. I don't know what to say, really. I loved ole Joe Cool. Every one did. You should've seen all the visitors he had today, over the past few days... I don't know what to say. The man was a comic genius and loved his family more than any one could ever wish for. I can't deal with it. I don't know what death is. I couldn't recognize him when I walked through the door. He was sleeping off and on and would occasionally mutter something.

I'm grateful that he got to come home instead of die amongst anonymosity in a stinkin' hospital. The man's a saint, man. My aunt Kim, especially. She bathed him over the past few days (he was only diagnosed on Thursday! WHAT THE HELL??) and washed him just a half-hour or so before he passed.

Man...we weren't even in the room. Paul was though and he saw it. He came in and asked for aunt Kim, who was in charge. She's not a nurse and she had no training, but, man, the woman knew just what to do. She did what the rest of us couldn't.

Aw, man, I can't believe this happened. Pap Pap. Mr. JOE COOL. He was yellow at the end. When people told me before I saw him, when they were "prepping" me, so to speak, I thought they meant that he was only slightly yellow. Like a baby. My grandpa, my Pap Pap was a perfect golden brown. It was so surreal. It was so strange. That couldn't have been my Pap Pap. It couldn't have been... That couldn't have been the loveable guy that when I was ten years old had asked me if I wanted a drink and when I giggled "tequila!" he had brought some out of his wine shelf. This wasn't the Pap Pap I knew. My Pap Pap was strong and funny. He wasn't meant to be bedridden. GOD, this can't be happening. Every thing is going changing too fast. I don't know how to deal with it.

My Pap Pap passed away at 3:25 in the afternoon. Just when sun began to peek out of the clouds and the snow fall began to slow and melt. He's my angel now. And I hope they have IC Light in Heaven.

I love you, Mr. Joe Cool.

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Pap Pap [07 Apr 2007|07:24pm]
[ mood | in shock ]

My Pap Pap has until Tuesday to live. I don't know how to handle it.

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Thankee-sai! Say TRUE! Big-big! [05 Apr 2007|12:25pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Prowling out of the wasteland, clutching a thorned whip, cometh Thehenry! And she gives an ominous scream:

"You in some shit now, muhfuh! I lay waste to all I see faster than the super-flu!!!"

Find out!
Enter username:
Are you a girl, or a guy ?

created by beatings : powered by monkeys

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Something NEW! [05 Apr 2007|10:01am]
[ mood | creative ]

I now have a website in the works, so please check ever so often for new things--such as layouts and space fillers.


Ah, so orgasmic to see my name between dubyas and coms.

Love you all and have a lovely resurrection thingy. Let colorful hardboiled eggs fall from the sky and please, let the bunnies not freeze to death in this unnatural weather...



What good is sitting alone in your room?
Come hear the music play.
Life is a Cabaret, old chum,
Come to the Cabaret.

Put down the knitting,
The book and the broom.
Time for a holiday.
Life is Cabaret, old chum,
Come to the Cabaret.

Come taste the wine,
Come hear the band.
Come blow your horn,
Start celebrating;
Right this way,
Your table's waiting

No use permitting
soem prophet of doom
To wipe every smile away.
Come hear the music play.
Life is a Cabaret, old chum,
Come to the Cabaret!

I used to have a girlfriend
known as Elsie
With whom I shared
Four sordid rooms in Chelsea

She wasn't what you'd call
A blushing flower...
As a matter of fact
She rented by the hour.

The day she died the neighbors
came to snicker:
"Well, thats what comes
from to much pills and liquor."

But when I saw her laid out like a Queen
She was the happiest...corpse...
I'd ever seen.

I think of Elsie to this very day.
I'd remember how'd she turn to me and say:
"What good is sitting alone in your room?
Come hear the music play.
Life is a Cabaret, old chum,
Come to the Cabaret."

And as for me,
I made up my mind back in Chelsea,
When I go, I'm going like Elsie.

Start by admitting
From cradle to tomb
Isn't that long a stay.
Life is a Cabaret, old chum,
Only a Cabaret, old chum,
And I love a Cabaret!
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SCORE! [02 Apr 2007|07:28pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Last night, Sparkle called me and asked if I wanted to go to Junior Prom. AT NORTH HILLS!

Hellya. :}

Now for something completely different:

I'm writing a 50,000 word novel in a month. Four pages (1,667 words) a day for thirty days. I started yesterday.


I think you'd be interested in this, Colleen. ;)

Soooo happy. :)

But my Pap Pap is really sick right now, so if you're religious, please pray for him, and if you're not just hope that he's okay. <333

Love you all!

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[ mood | ecstatic ]



Erika. Zyzzy. We are so going.

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Three different schools in less than two weeks. Boo. Ya. [06 Mar 2007|05:29pm]
[ mood | tummy trouble ]

Holy, does the Freeport school systems stink. Tomorrow's my last day and then I'll be going to...Cyber School and on to any class that I'd like.

Krysty and her mom took me on a Fashion Bug shopping spree and I got some very nice and complimentary clothing. Very nice. I wore one outfit today and...boys were flirting with me? Sorry, I had to breathe that in for a second. Phew...

But, yes, Freeport is small and dinky and oh so stinky. IT TAKES FORTY-FIVE MINUTES TO GET THERE IN THE MORNING BY BUS. Rid. Ic. U. Lous. And I have to wake up at 5:45 in the morning. No. Just no... But by Cyber School I wake up much later and be able to plan my own education where I don't have to take fucking Chemistry! Woo-ha!

Very, very excited about this.

I had too much cereal so I believe I'm just going to fall off the seat now. So-so long.

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I have love for all yinz. [01 Mar 2007|07:46am]
[ mood | crazy ]

Posting from school...

Wow, tomorrow's my last day, huh?

I don't know if I can fully explain how out rightly surreal this is. I don't know how to cry right now because I feel relieved, which I feel so goddamn guilty about, lemme tell ya.

The plan is that I am moving in with my best friend, Krysty and her family in Freeport, situated in Butler County. I'll probably be going to the school for a few weeks then I may be able to get in to the Cyber Charter School and be able to continue with my German. (I mean, it'd be a shame to waste the 102% I have right now in the class!)

I don't know how I feel about my dad right now. Me living with him at all was just an overly bad idea. I guess I just don't do well with parents--unless they're someone else's.

It's strange how many turns my life takes and so quickly... Scary.

I'll still be writing here, hopefully more often. And I hope to see you all soon and if I don't, well, I'll be seeing you anyway, like it or not.

Auf Wiedersehen! Ich liebe euch! (Yell at me if that's the wrong form of "you.")

Deine, Hennnry.

(I'll write more later.)

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Don't know which way to lean. [26 Feb 2007|07:45am]
[ mood | apathetic ]

This is my last week at North Hills, but it is also my last week in Hell. I don't know how to feel.

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ATTN: Moving [19 Feb 2007|03:24pm]
Hello, this is Allison (Sara/Henry's sister).
She wants you to know she might be moving to Freeport.
She is grounded and cannot use the computer right now.
This is her letter to you though:

"Hello guys,
As my sister wrote, my father told me today that it's probable that I'll be moving to Freeport- but no one knows how soon. This isn't one big family move and thank whomever for that. My father and I got into one long gargantuan fight on Saturday and agreed that I had to move out. I sneaked a call to my best friend Krysty for her help. Her family has been so great to my sister Allison and I and I couldn't imagine being anywhere else. Her family is allowing me to stay with them possibly until I turn eighteen and can support myself or until I graduate. I haven't been able to talk to them much because I'm grounded and my dad expects me to find the means to speak to them after he revoked my computer and phone privileges-including my cell phone that my mom paid for us and gave to us in case of emergencies. So I've resorted to sneaking and speaking through my sister on Myspace and on the phone through my stepmother.

I am honestly sad that it had to come to this, but for my own safety and theirs I need to escape this. I will miss EVERY SINGLE ONE of YOU and I will keep in touch whenever this happens/comes to be. I love you all equally and separately. I hate what my "family" has made me resort to. Know this, you all have been more than family to me. Know that I have and will continue to love you guys.

God, ain't this the shits?

I'd like to thank Krysty's family so, so, so effin' much for this opportunity. I love you and am so thankful that are paths have crossed. :)

Deine, Henry."
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V-Day reminds me of war. [15 Feb 2007|07:38pm]
[ mood | blank ]

I'm a matchmaker and so goes my high school career.

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One P!NK Fuck [giggle] [15 Feb 2007|08:28am]
[ mood | bitchy ]

When I opened LiveJournal today I was assaulted by pink. Given I do like the color pink and I had chosen to open the URL, I had purposely not gone here yesterday because I know it would've been a revolt to my eyes and what some may say my soul.

Not that it's the worst thing to be alone on Valentine's, sleeping off a no-school snow day. But, dammit, prime time was all over that bitch. I hid in my covers from the world, thanking Whomever that we didn't have to go to school today and witness everyother couple, or noncouple mount each other in the hall ways. (Which they have--I'm not fucking lying here.) I'm a pretty promiscuous person, honestly, but I don't like the fact that I'm single on V-Day being shoved in my face like banana cream pie. I much would rather that cream pie, gentlemen.

Fuck, that sounded dirty.

Off subject, or not so? Speaking of pie, I'm going on the South Beach diet (on Monday for I can not help myself) because I'm a fat mother-fuck. (Please excuse the language and vast amounts of pauses in my conversation with my computer. FUCK.)

Fuck fuck fuckity fuck. I'm single. I'm fat. I'm seventeen.

When will this week end?

Two hour delay today, though it's a -15 wind chill and my nuts have frozen off. Maybe I'm greedy? Perhaps I am spoiled. But, goddamn, I never seem to have enough sleep anymore.

I'm complaining. Sorry. I'm just very, very cranky.

And single.

Because I've been complaining so much, this will probably be me in twenty years:

At the office. I'm a fucking receptionist and I'll get by in life, goddammit!

[goes into a fuck-induced coma]

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I can't explain myself. [08 Feb 2007|06:54am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I think I'm slightly gay?
I do like men, but recently my boundaries have quite expanded a bit.

But, of course, how could you only "think" these things, right? I have no idea who the hell I am. And that is the joy of teenagedom.

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Barbie was once a sex toy. And this is why. [01 Feb 2007|06:35am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

How in the hell does she do it in heels?!

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Take THAT, self-esteem! [21 Jan 2007|01:09pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

I'm an awful person.

And what a fabulous cry for attention!
Applaude me, really.

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Wunderbar! [17 Jan 2007|07:50am]
[ mood | crazy ]

Wow, the school really did take off the block for Livejournal...

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My Goal for 2007 [06 Jan 2007|01:17pm]
[ mood | excited ]

To read fifty books this year. :)

Book one: Transgressions featuring a story each by John Farris and Stephen King.

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2ooWHAT? [01 Jan 2007|12:17am]
Happy birthday, Baby New Year.

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The Worst Thing...For Spectrum. :} [28 Dec 2006|04:13pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Oy! I forgot about this place.
Well, being paranoid, I don't really want to place my pieces actually on here, but I will give you a direct link to Part I of my short story, The Worst Thing. It's about a depressed journalist who picks up a hitchhiker who happens to change his life. (And it's not what you may think, so spare me that.)

The Worst Thing: The Pick-Up Part I

The Worst Thing: The Run-In Part II

The Worst Thing: Conscious and Reborn Part III


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